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    Audio Sermons by Pastor Bob Rice Listen to your sermons online, via podcasts!
    Belize Missions Trip Outreach and Missions OUR MISSION'S TRIP On July 25th, 2014 we are sending out 23 members of our family outside of the United States for the first time to take the good news of Jesus Christ to the nation of Belize. During... More
    FaithWalk by Felisa Conner Spiritual BLOG
    Got Lust? Let's Deal with It by Jeff Cooper Single Adult Ministry 3 Week Mini-Series for Single Adults discussing lust and how to deal with it!
    NEBC News by Jessica Williams NEBC News! Keeping you Informed and Connected! #NEBC #NEBCNews
    Non-Series Sermons
    Series : Proverbs by Pastor Bob Rice
    Series: A Disciple's Journey by Pastor Bob Rice Series: A Year Long Study in Discipleship
    Series: AD:The Christ Movement Begins by Pastor Bob Rice
    Series: And His Name Shall be Called... by Pastor Bob Rice Christmas Sermon Series identifying who God is.
    Series: Book of Ephesians by Pastor Bob Rice Let's take a journey through the Book of Ephesians. This great letter explains both the blessings we have in Christ and how to walk in the blessings so we can experience them in powerful, practical... More
    Series: Book of Jonah by Pastor Bob Rice Explore the Jonah's journey, as he learns to obey the calling of God!
    Series: Chosen by Pastor Bob Rice The life of Abraham lays out many of the patterns that God uses in dealing with the ones that he has placed his selective hand of privilege upon. To understand Abraham’s life is to understand our... More
    Series: Connect To The Source Of Success by Pastor Bob Rice Sermon Series concerning God's definition of success
    Series: Family Talk - Book of 1st Corinthians by Pastor Bob Rice
    Series: God Pleasers by Pastor Bob Rice We embark on a journey of becoming God Pleasers. This New Year opens new opportunity to grow closer to God!
    Series: It All Starts at Home by Pastor Bob Rice We must be about our Father's Business! His business is the Kingdom, we are His workers and He pays in the currency of GRACE!
    Series: Let's Walk in the Word by Pastor Bob Rice Experience the journey of walking through the bible and embarking on the joy of getting closer with the Lord!
    Series: Opening Letters NT: Book of Romans by Pastor Bob Rice
    Series: Opening the Letters of the New Testament by Pastor Bob Rice
    Series: Parables of Jesus by Pastor Bob Rice
    Series: Rising to the Top by Pastor Bob Rice
    Series: The 4th Quarter: The Battle before The Victory by Pastor Bob Rice Newest Sermon Series about End Time Prophesy.
    Series: The Lord's Prayer by Pastor Bob Rice
    Series: The Treasure by Pastor Bob Rice All who have come to know the Lord have received a great treasure. The treasure is the gospel of Jesus Christ. Through this series, we will discover, unpack and learn to articulate this great... More
    Words of Encouragement by NEBC Prayer Partners
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